Before getting eyelash extensions

Please make sure to remove any and all mascara before your appointment so your lash extensions will stick to your natural lash instead of the mascara. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, or any other make up will not matter. Also please make sure you do not apply any kind of moisturizers or oil around your eye area before your appointment, this can also affect the life span of your extensions.



Please avoid

  • Oil
  • Mascara (especially waterproof)
  • Pulling out your lashes
  • Touching your lashes
  • Sleeping on your face or sides
  • Putting your lashes directly under water (although they are waterproof)

If you avoid these things your lash extensions are more likely to last a longer time


How it works

When getting eyelash extensions a synthetic lash is placed on each one of your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are applied with two tweezers, one to separate your natural lash and one to apply the extensions. We dip each extension in a small amount of glue before applying to your natural lash then place the extension. Before starting the application a pair of eyepads are placed on your bottom lashes so that they are separated from your top lashes, this keeps your bottom lashes from getting stuck on an extension. When the service is finished we remove the eyepads while your eyes are still closed and mist off your lashes with purified water from a nebulizer. The nebulizer cures the glue and helps to stop any fumes.